Mater as Thomas Sarge as Edward Fillmore as Henry Finn McMissile as Gordon Francesco Bernoulli as James Lightning McQueen as Percy Guido as Toby Luigi as Duck Darrel Cartrip as Donald David Hobbscap as Douglas Miles Axlerod as Oliver Miguel Camino as Bertie Siddeley the Jet as Harold Max Schnell as Trevor Rip Cluchgoneski as Terence Professor Zundapp as Diesel Flo as Daisy Nigel Gearsely as BoCo Mia and Tia as Bill and Ben Carla Veloso as Annie/Clarabel Tractors as Troublesome Trucks Otis as Skarloey Shu Todoroki as Rheneas Uncle Topolino as Sir Handel Mama Topolino as Peter Sam Tomber as Rusty Jeff Gorvette as Duncan Doc Hudson as Duke Chick Hicks as Bulgy The King as Toad Mel Dorado as Stepney Crabby as Bulstrode Holley Shiftwell as Emily Grem and Acer as Arry and Bert